Carpet Cleaning Services in Monroe GA

Naturally you want to find the best carpet cleaner out there, but did you know that not all carpet cleaning services are the same? You can try to rent a machine and take care of your carpet and area rug cleaning yourself, but it can be a hassle and a mess. You can call one of the national chains, but you’re just one of long list of customers to them.

Citrusolution is different. We’re a professional carpet cleaners located right here in Monroe Georgia, so we’re part of the Walton County community. We take care to make sure that your carpets, area rugs, and even your upholstery are cleaned right.

Why should Monroe GA residents pick CitruSolution for Carpet Cleaning Services?

Over time, dust and dirt, along with other organic material, build up in your carpets and area rugs. Not only do they make your home or office look dirty, but they also cause allergies and other reactions that can affect your health. You should have carpets and rugs cleaned at least twice a year to ensure that they are as clean and healthy as they can be.


Other carpet cleaning companies use soapy chemical solutions that leave behind a film that doesn’t rinse out completely. Stains can sometimes reappear because the films that soap leaves behind activate the stains. What looks like clean rug or carpet isn’t truly clean or healthy.


At Citrusolution, our patented carpet cleaning formula comes from citrus rinds and pulp. This natural formula rinses thoroughly and degreases, so it’s safe for everyone, including children and pets and great for residential carpet cleaning. It cleans without harsh chemicals, dries quickly, and leaves behind a fresh citrus scent that you’ll love. Our cleaning solution works well for commercial carpet cleaning, no matter how large or small the office space.

Citrusolution isn't just limited to Carpets, we are a full fledge area rug cleaning service. From area rug, oriental rug cleaning, to upholstery cleaning, big or small we can clean it all.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaners you can trust.

CitruSolution is a locally-owned company serving the Monroe GA area. We’re not going to send employees from an office far away to clean your carpets and rugs, and we take pride in being part of the same community as our customers.


Our friendly, professional employees will come to your home or business and carefully clean carpets to make sure that the dirt and dust that can make your spaces look dingy and cause allergies and other reactions are gone. Our pricing is straightforward and includes complete service, so you won’t have to guess about what your carpet cleaning will cost you.


CitruSolution is also a professional rug cleaning service, and we can clean any rugs from smaller area rugs to larger and more expensive Oriental rugs. No matter the size or material, we’re your local area rug cleaning solution.


Are you looking for an upholstery cleaner or carpet cleaning service that can keep your furniture clean and fresh? CitruSolution can help because our natural formula can tackle even the toughest upholstery cleaning needs. You’ll love how your furniture looks, feels, and even smells after a CitruSolution clean.

If you’re looking for a professional commercial or residential carpet cleaning company that is dedicated to serving the Monroe GA community with friendly service and a thorough, safe clean, there’s only one name to call: CitruSolution - 770-286-9048

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